Harris Narratives, Inc.


1. Does Harris Narratives, Inc. provide various trainings?  

Yes.  Harris Narratives, Inc. uses each particular narrative as a training tool to generate discussions regarding a particular subject matter within the narrative. 

Narratives can also be used as a performance or a keynote address.

2. Does Harris Narratives, Inc. present in collaboration with other institutions and individuals?

Yes.  Harris Narratives, Inc. is willing to consider collaborating with other professionals, writers, adoption triad members, etc. if that is the design and need of the hiring institution or individual.

3. Does Harris Narratives, Inc. have a list of rates it charges to present the narratives?

The rate is established on a case by case situation. Some of the factors that determine the fee are: the type of event, the geographical location of the requesting institution, and the amount of narratives being requested.

4. Does Harris Narratives, Inc. provide any support services?

Yes.  Harris Narratives, Inc. offers coaching in the areas of creative writing and professional development.

5. Does Harris Narratives, Inc. provide psycho-therapy?

No.  Harris Narratives, Inc. is not a licensed behavioral health clinic nor is the author a licensed social worker.
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